A piackutatás napja 2012

November 27. Gerbeaud Ház, Átrium terem

Francesco D’OrazioChief Innovation Officer and Research Director, FACE, UK

Francesco D’Orazio is a social scientist specialising in exploring the new opportunities emerging at the intersection of technology and research. Over the past ten years he has been involved in social software design, social research and immersive media as a researcher, web strategist and creative technologist working for agencies and startups.
At FACE, Francesco focuses on designing new methodologies and tools for conducting research specializing in open innovation, social media research, mobile research and data visualisation. He holds a PhD (hons) in Social Sciences and Digital Media (2004-2007) from the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ where his research focused on Immersive Media, the evolution of Audiences and the rise of Social Software.
Francesco is a regular speaker at research, innovation and technology conferences such as WARC, MRS, ESOMAR, VIRTUAL WORLDS FORUM, WORLD BUSINESS FORUM. His work has been featured in the likes of BBC, CNET, New Media Age, The Guardian, Techcrunch, O’Reilly Europe (GMT).

Sven ArnManaging Director, Happy Thinking People, Germany

Sven Arn, 43, is Managing Director and Partner at H,T,P, Concept. He has been with the company since 1991 and became Managing Director in 1997. His research focus is in international and cross-cultural research with a specific expertise in insight development, positioning and brand strategy. He works for clients in a wide range of industries and also regularly runs workshops and training courses to develop qualitative skills. He has been on a number of Programme Committees at various ESOMAR events including Annual Congress, the Qualitative Conference and the Insight Conference. Sven has also been a guest lecturer at the UdK (University of the Arts), Berlin and the Design Academy, Berlin.

Szőke Emíliakutatásvezető, KutatóCentrum

A szociológus és közgazdász végzettség megszerzése után 2007 óta dolgozik piackutatás területen. Elsősorban az ad hoc és a tracking online kutatások a szakterülete. A KutatóCentrum online piackutató ügynökség kutatójaként fő feladatköre a nemzetközi kutatásokra szakosodott online piackutató cégek magyarországi projektjeinek koordinálása, illetve a válaszadói panel menedzselése.